Green Park Academy Library

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

The soul of any school is the library. It is regarded as the base where knowledge is sourced, confirmed and nurtured for a balanced and resourceful growth.

At Green Park Academy, our highly equipped library spurs our students into exploring wide and digging deep using the various learning resources available to them. The library is the un-detachable aspect of our students’ lives. We nurture and develop the reading and learning culture of our students and teachers by making available relevant and contemporary materials on various aspects of their learning and teaching progress ranging from different learning subject areas, religions, current affairs etc.

The fact that reading culture of today’s world is on the downward trend makes our library to be run with open door policy. This gives room for our young seekers of knowledge to visit the library at any time that is not antagonistic to the school outline. Students are monitored to ensure a resourceful use of the period they are in the library.

As a school that prides itself in the employment of modern technology in various aspects of its life, most importantly in the area of academics, our library is linked with the world through the use of wired and wireless internet facilities.

This, coupled with substantial number of modern computers available for the students’ use makes it possible for our library users to have access to whatever they need in the course of their reading for academic purpose, reading for pleasure or for the intent of carrying out research relevant to their age.

The library is a haven for our teachers as contemporary teaching materials that aid them in their efforts at imparting knowledge to the students are available through various web links, books by local and foreign authors, compact disks on various subjects to mention but a few.

Knowing the fact that it is one thing knowing what to do while it is another thing knowing how to do such, our students, on arrival, are given orientations and later periodic sensitization talks on the etiquettes of using the library, various ways by which the library can be used, information that can be got and so on.

Baring in mind the importance of control and freedom, the library is under the governorship of our indefatigably amiable team of library officials. The students hold high the principles of being cautious and focused wherever they find themselves. These principles form parts of the tools used by our students during critical thinking situations.

We also welcome donations of high quality books and audio visual learning materials.