Johnmark Edith
Head of Account Department
Okhide Eunice .O.
Account Officer
Esele Queen
Account Officer

The Bursary Department is in-charge of GPA finances and supplies and charged with the responsibility of checking and recording of all  financial transactions with a view of ensuring that all accounting books and records are properly maintained. It is responsible for processing of all payments in line with financial procedure and collecting. The department also oversees the stores.

The department provides the following services

  1. Maintains of Accounting books
  2. Preparation of Budget Estimates
  3. Preparation of Salary/Wages
  4. Preparation of Payment of all approved expenditure
  5. Preparation of returns and Final Accounts
  6. Recovery of all monies due to the college
  7. Keeping of college security documents
  8. Supervision and Control of stores
  9. Loans and Advance.

Presently the department operates under 2 units namely:-

Bursary and the stores. The main Bursary is in-charge of Salary/Wages, Loans and Advances, other charges/expenditure control, cash office, student’s accounts and final accounts, which will later be split into separate units/sections. While the stores is responsible for the receipt and issues of all goods purchased and delivered to the college.